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A detail and profile view of our frame moulding, from
the UK's leading manufacturer.

Frame details - Country Brown

Country Brown - shown below with a typical wash and line mount.

Hand painted by artists in the studios of Hood and Broomfield

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Hood and Broomfield Fine Art

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The mounts are 3" wide at the top and sides, with 3½" at the bottom.
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In the bottom border of all our limited edition prints are three identifying elements.

Hallmark and number 1:   At the left hand side of each print, just below the image, is the embossed hallmark of the publishers inside this is the number of the print and the edition quantity.
Country Brown -  vertical A typical wash-line mount
Country Brown - corner Country Brown -  bottom
Example Title from the print "Partners"
  The title of the print is positioned just below the image at the centre of the border.

Artist's signature
  The signature of the artist is just below the image at the right hand side.
Framing options, prices and shipping are included on each Print's
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